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18406213_1916510598560359_53828315_o-225x300RecLifing, stands for Recovery of Life, is a life model that activates inner wisdom of the individual within four levels of human existence: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. This method has been initiated and systemized by Dr. Nehama Milson, and has been molded by her 25 years of experience as  researcher during her medical practice years in Russia and Israel. The principal of RecLifing lays in the ancient wisdom and universal laws stating that everything a person needs to live a happy and fulfilling life has been already bestowed to him at birth by The Devine Creator. Practicing RecLifing helps to restore physical health, emotional stability, satisfaction in relationships and life energy. Reclifing way of life draws on everything that the Creator has given us at birth, but was lost by us for various reasons during the course of life.

Since 2012 RecLifing has been practiced by people across the globe and has already helped thousands to recover things that rightfully belong to them – Joy and Happiness of the everyday living.  

RecLifing methodology consists of a combination of simple, but effective life coaching techniques that work to solve or prevent problems in any area of life.  

-Relationships: family, work, children

-Mental blocks

-Fears, low self esteem

Reclifing improves a person’s life by helping to

-Find a perfect life partner

-Enhance creativity

-Learn your personality type

-Improve quality of life

-Attain personal growth and harmony

-Achieve your life goals and aspirations

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