flowermoreRecLife is abbreviated Recover of Life. This is the practice of revival on 4 levels of existence. The process of revival is called RecLifing. Conventionally, our personal space can be divided into 4 floors.

 First floor – a floor of physical existence, the physical body, its health, appearance and movement. This is just as everything is about the material world: money, house, food, clothing, etc. Damage on this level  leads to disease and suffering, problems, breakdowns in the house, accidents, personal injury. These failures do not occur on their own, they “descend” from the second floor – the emotional level, if it is not corrected there.

On this second floor lives the emotions, the feelings. This floor is responsible for blocking some areas of memory. Also, the emotional level problems do not come from the outside, but only from the third floor- the mental level, home of intelligence, memory, mental attitudes, concepts of morality and ethics. Breakdown on the mental level occur because damage of free flow of energy between it and the fourth floor of our being – spirituality. That level is responsible for communication with Heaven. Downward flow of negative influences is called “destructive program”.  The positive influence develops the same ways, and is called “constructive program”. RecLifing is a gradual process of liberation from destructive programs and their replacement constructive programs. The work is proceeding simultaneously on all four levels. We start with a “spring cleaning” of the personal space, which is to clean the body, removing long-standing emotional blocks, release from negatively stained memories and attitudes, restore energy flow between the mind and the soul and the soul and the Creator. After, we learn to maintain the cleanliness and health of each floor. When a person, by practicing RecLife, leads his personal space to Peace and Love, he can become a RecLifing Master and to help others to revival. For this, he studies RecLifing methods, laws of the life programs building at the deepest level, as well as special healing techniques – RecLife in Touch and OrTahor (Clear Light) – a special method of the energy correction based on a connection to his own channel of Energy Light, Love and Healing.

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